Foster Care Counseling

Built specifically for children in foster care, Pursuit of Happiness takes counseling for these kids to a new level.

Our counseling and systems are designed specifically to help deal with the dynamic needs of children in foster care.  CANS, family counseling, and more are all in our wheelhouse.  Our agility as a counseling organization enables us to have a therapist calling to schedule within 2 business days of receiving the referral, because we know that for children in foster care, time is of the essence.

At Pursuit of Happiness we are dedicated to providing timely, efficient, and effective mental health services.  We believe that no child should have to go through the difficult foster care system alone.  Pursuit of Happiness was built so that kids in foster care can have someone they can count on when they need it most.


Treatment Team Collaboration

We value our relationships with the caregivers and caseworkers and recognize that it takes a village! Our counselors are encouraged to attend treatment team meetings and provide counseling updates with the team as clinically appropriate. 

We are delighted to speak with CASA or the Ad Litem. Before we are able to do so, please send the court order appointment directly to the assigned counselor so we can update our records. 

Additionally, we recognize how important it is for you to receive timely notes to remain in compliance, so we’ve designed a system that allows you access notes whenever is convenient for you—without having to track down counselors or send a million emails!

As soon as we receive the required documents, we will share a link with you to access notes directly that will update weekly as new sessions occur and notes are submitted. Here’s a checklist of all we need to be able to share notes with you and communicate freely with all members of the treatment team:

  1. Signed Informed Consent to Treatment
  2. Removal Affidavit
  3. Court Documents showing medical consenter status
  4. Court appointment linking CASA & Ad litem to the case (if applicable)

General Counseling

Choosing the right counselor is an integral part of happiness.  Let us help.

Our clinicians consist of Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs), and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs) certified by the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council.  They offer techniques based from cognitive-behavioral, brief, and solution focused therapies in order to maximize therapeutic gains in the least amount of time possible, getting you on a track to cope with difficult situations.

Facilitating the teaching process for our clients is our primary focus. Our belief is that the therapist helps the client to transform and grow, so that they can become the best version of themselves possible, and be ready to face anything that life throws at them.

Mental health is the most important aspect of overall health, and yet it can also be the most neglected aspect.  Not taking care of the mind leads to anxiety, stress, frustration, and a host of other symptoms that cause physical problems such as heart disease, obesity, and difficulty functioning in daily life.  We recognize mental health as paramount to overall health, and this perspective drives everything we do.


For questions about DFW & Houston please contact Chase Chick, LPC, CEO
[email protected]
(903) 316-0472

For questions about all other regions of Texas please contact Rachel Preston, LPC-S, COO
[email protected]
(972) 559-9227